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    • Arie
    • 29.08.10 | 12:28 (IDT)

    Alon is right, Netanyahu’s Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises yet he never intends to go beyond his promises; it costs him nothing....but it keeps him in the PM chair ! The tragedy of Israel is the electoral system, Israel is the only country in the world, which is at war every seven years and replaces its government every two years. Since established in 1948, Israel had 31 Governments, out of which only two.. completed the full 4 years term in office. Not one MP on the national level is elected directly, not one elected official owes any obligation to the Israeli public, his loyalty is solely to his party. The real decision makers are "MERKAZEI MIFLAGOT" or “party centers" ( no one really knows how they got there in the first place..) and "VAADOT MESADROT" or "organizing committees". And then you have the GOALITZIA-(coalition).... so Bibi requires massive concessions and back room dealings with his religious partners, who promised their voters to protect for example the settlements movement - Gush Emunim, who were, are and will be a constant obstacle to Peace. A minority of only 12 percent of the Israeli population... but with the electoral- proportional system, they prevent any future settlement with the Palestinians. Without the settlement , peace might have been here already together with those Palestinians who do seek a peaceful solutions. The electoral system answers as to the mystery of why Peace was not achieved so far. The electoral system is the real danger to Israel’s future! Israel can recover only when the system will change ,and only when the Religious parties will be out of the political arena ,as they use and abuse the system to gain power and block progress for any peace initiative . Peace and Democracy are jeopardized..... as Settlers are preparing for war, said: Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin in November of 2008. To avoid a civil war could be a historical event and bear no less of importance than peace with our enemies. But Peace will happen only when a real change of the electoral system takes place. This is the only remedy to the current political disaster. More Jewish settlers and Haredim declare that their duty is to obey their rabbis over their duty to obey the laws of the state. The ultra-Orthodox believe that the laws of the state are secondary to the commands of the Jewish Halaha... In this context petty politicians , fail our people and devastate the most desired commodity –Hope! It is time to realize that Peace you make it with your enemies and not with your friends, as only the dead...have seen the end of war. The PM has to remember while in Washington, that no one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing... because he could do only a little... ! But Bibi is A-F-R-A-I-D to lose his coalition ,the support of his father and wife.. No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning, as fear......We should lead a passive ,no vote revolution and force the Knesset to vote for a change of the electoral system, alternatively boycott the upcoming elections which so many abstain anyway.... The hope for Peace is shattered in the current system and that’s the tragedy of Israel.

    from the article: Don't worry, there won't be peace
    First published 00:56 29.08.10 | Last updated 00:56 29.08.10
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