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    • 01.02.10 | 00:17 (IST)

    President Abdullah Gul (In an article titled ?Politicizing the Armenian tragedy? published March 28, 2007 in ?The Washington Times?. ): ??With regard to the Armenian allegation describing the tragedy that befell them as genocide, the question, from the point of view of international law, is whether the Ottoman government systematically pursued a calculated act of state policy for their destruction in whole or in part. The answer to this question can only be established by scholars who have the ability to evaluate the period objectively, working with the full range of available primary sources. Hence Turkey made a proposal to Armenia in 2005 to establish a joint commission of historians to find out once and for all what really happened, and how it took place. Turkey has no difficulties in facing its past. All Turkish archives, including the militaryarchives of the period, are open to the entire international academic community. However, important Armenian archives are not. We eagerly await a positive response from Armenia, agreeing to establish this joint commission and declaring its readiness to accept its conclusions. We are also prepared to work together with other parties to conduct this research. I hereby extend an invitation to any third country, including the United States, to contribute to this commission by appointing scholars who will earnestly work to shed light on this tragedy and open ways for us to come together. The establishment of such a commission will also help shape an atmosphere conducive to the normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations. A recent resolution introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives makes mention of the events of 1915 as "genocide." Its passage will be tantamount to legislating a skewed version of history, which will be totally unjust and thus deeply offensive to the Turkish people who have expressed their readiness to seek out the truth....?

    from the article: Turkey: Holocaust is most grave crime against humanity in history
    First published 18:38 26.01.10 | Last updated 19:49 26.01.10
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