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    • Aliza
    • 14.03.13 | 12:43 (IST)

    My theory to this phenomenon is that it only shows the absence of Jewish education in the lives of Israeli families. Children no longer get it in their "mother's milk". It has been replaced by the common Western values. which spin around materialism and sentiments of personal re-enforcement, but which are void of spirituality. The significance of religious Ethics in our daily lives ---both that of Christianity and Judaism--- have immensly diminished not only in Israel, but in the West, too, in the past decades and been replaced by the modern materialist New Age values, which emphasize narcisstic individualism and actually claim that "man is god"! This means that "right" is whatever an individual in his limited understanding comprehends as right". With this kind of philosophy we are lost. Teaching this or letting it insidiuously flow into our lives through entertainment industry and media to mold our minds, is dangerous, bc it will turn new generations into "Rambos" and "Terminators", who are all muscle but no brain, no spirit. Strength is admired and has replaced the Ethics, bc the modern Western world aspires to free itself from the conscience that the Ethics give to us. With a conscience we namely 'd not be able to make wars or invade other peoples'' countries, do evil to them, so giving preferance to strength serves a political purpose; it makes easier to the political leaders to do unethical acts and get the masses to support them. IDF has a reputation to be the most ethical army in the world, this it has proved by warning in advance the civilians (in Gaza and in Leb) on its coming strikes and thus we sigh with relief that its conscience is still there ...? But for how long? If Israeli youth start "practising" violence on innocent Israeli minorities and dehumanizing them, then all the alarm bells 'ld be off at the IDF, bc these youth will serve in the IDF!!! HELLO! -- Children no longer are taught to become "Good Samaritans", who help their fellow men, but self-centered, goal orientated achievers, who in the spirit of Darwinism and through Machiavellism mow down those they perceive as "weak" or "helpless" or just because they can, bc they do not see "the other" as a human being. I believe that a spiritual person, who knows the difference between "right and wrong" hardly uses violence to another person, bc morality works as breaks, which hold the person back from doing evil and dehumanizing the other, but then again this 'd not be beneficial to the politicians' political purposes. For this reason exactly: that Israel 'd not become like other nations in this regard, the Haredi-soldiers are badly needed in the IDF in order to introduce the Ethics of warring (which btw are in the Torah) to the IDF and keep the Israeli Army (we 'd like to be proud of) ethical.

    from the article: The silence after the lynch of Israel's Arabs
    First published 16:46 12.03.13 | Last updated 16:46 12.03.13
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