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    • zionist forever
    • 07.12.10 | 13:30 (IST)

    Israel was defeated in 2006 by its own political establishment. The PM was making it political, the defense minister was an idiot whose definition of pre emptive strike meant unions going on strike before they made their demands. The chief of staff thought he had all the answers and refused to listen to the men on the ground. The men in Lebanon kept asking for more infantry but the chief of staff Dan Halutz refused until the last 2 days of the war because he was convinced the war could be won by air power and the officers currently fighting in Lebanon didn't know what they were talking about. Israel had also kept slashing the military budget almost annually so whilst the IDF may buy a tank they did not spend a little extra to buy a system to protect the tank from anti tank missiles so tanks were damaged and a couple destroyed. Soldiers were not getting in live fire exercises, reserves were having to buy their own body armor because the IDF didn't buy enough. The politicians were responsible for loosing this war Hizbollah were not the superior enemy. George Bush was trying to delay the UN calling for a ceasefire to give Olmert more time but he just screwed it all up. Thankfully though there has been shake ups in the political and defense establishment since then and the IDF is getting new equipment, reserves are getting more training, the politicians have hopefully learned from their mistakes. Scuds can be shot down by Arrow & Patriot missiles and they are the ones that can hit Tel Aviv. When although if 1 scud did hit Tel Aviv or any other populated area there would be hell to pay for Lebanon there would be hell to pay because the Israeli public would demand it. In 1991 when Saddam Hussain was firing scuds at Tel Aviv despite the fact there was not much Israel could have done in reality the public were not demanding that America do something they were demanding the Israeli government not sit by and let it happen, they wanted Israel to go on the offensive. You are right the rules of engagement would change if any rockets landed in Tel Aviv this time they would change to gloves off time and Israel would not just go on the offensive in southern Lebanon the entire country would be considered fair game and not even the US would be able to control Israel if its cities are under fire. The 50,000 short range rockets in those numbers Iron Dome wont be much use so the only thing we could do is carpet bomb the areas where they could be launched from to try and limit the damage. If Israel wants to try and avoid another war we should say now for all the world to hear to Assad that if Hzbollah provoke Israel into another war, especially if they used scuds provided by you then Israeli jets will be dropping bombs on Damascus. It will make him think twice before he arms Hizbollah and jeers them on. The 50,000 short range rockets you can't shoot down with Iron Dome with those kind of numbers so the solution would be blanket bomb the areas where they can launch their rockets to try and limit damage.

    from the article: WikiLeaks: U.S. secretly blocking Syria and Iran arms flow, with help from Israel
    First published 08:32 07.12.10 | Last updated 11:19 07.12.10
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