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    • Catherine
    • 06.06.05 | 05:01 (IDT)

    Ojahy for 2,000 years you wonderful,humane Europeans accused us Jews of everything from poisoing your wells,to draining your children's blood to use as baking liquid. These sort of lovely accusations resulted in all sort of pogroms,massacres,Jews being expelled from almost every European country,which eventually culminated in the Holocaust. Now in this generation it seems Europeans favorite pastime concerning us Jews is reporting and writing about the evil Jewish soldiers and settlers who abuse and mistreat and persecute the poor,innocent,oppressed,humane,peaceloving Palestinians. Do you ever devote as much concern to the millions of innocent Christians in the Sudan who have been massacred and sold into slavery by the Arab Moslems over the last few years? Or to the one million Rwandans who were massacred in just one year back in the midnighties,or to the hundreds of thousands of East Timorese massacred by Indonesians over the last 20 years,or to the tens of thousands of Chechen civilians who have been killed by Russians over the last decade? No it's only when accusations of human rights violations are directed against us Jews that people like you seem to show such concern. Now isn't that just a bit strange? Considering your history with us,would I as a Jew have any reason to question your motives? Of course,I am sure you would claim your not antisemitic your just antizionist.But it sure is strange how with all your concern for the human rights of the peaceloving Palestinians you seem to deny Jews any.For all the tears you shed and all the selfrighteous outrage you show when Palestinian civilians are killed.I never hear people like you say one thing when civilian buses are blown up,or rockets are fired at nursery schools,or families are blown up in restaurants as long as the victims are Jews.You have the gaul to lecture us on how to treat others writing from your city of Vienna,which was home to some of the biggest Nazi War criminals? Contrary to what you said the European news media is extremely antiIsraeli and hardly ever shows any innocent Israeli victims of Palestinian terror,or reports of Palestinian religious or political leaders who often refer to the Jews as "vermin" and "the sons of pigs and monkeys" or the "Aids" Virus.This sounds just like the same hateful,antisemitic rhetoric which lead to the Holocaust,and yet people like you who rail against the evil,racist apartheid wall,which by the way has saved the lives of hundreds of Israeli civilians,never seem to say one thing about this kind of hateful,racist language.

    from the article: Yavin discovered the darkness
    First published 00:00 05.06.05 | Last updated 00:00 04.06.05
Haaretz Headlines
An exposed Hamas tunnel near the Israel border, May 5, 2016.
IDF discovers Hamas tunnel extending from Gaza into Israel for second time in one month

The tunnel is at a depth of 26-28 meters, and the IDF still doesn't know its channel, except for the fact that it starts in Gaza and ends in the southern part of the Gaza border region on the Israeli side.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu (C), Defense Minister Ya'alon (R) and then-IDF chief Gantz. 2014
Watchdog believes Netanyahu, Ya’alon Kept Israeli Cabinet in the Dark in 2014 Gaza War, sources say

Most ministers in the security cabinet were sidelined and did not receive full information during Operation Protective Edge, according to officials who have seen a draft report by State Comptroller Joseph Shapira.

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A man carries an injured girl after an airstrike in the rebel held area of old Aleppo, Syria April 2
'Never Again' means Israel must defend Syrians from Assad's slaughter

When Adolf Hitler first sent Jews to die, Europeans and Americans agreed that it was not their problem. Israel may be about to make the same mistake about Assad's killings in Syria.

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Irene Fogel Weiss
What it’s like for a survivor to stand trial against a Nazi

Former SS guard Reinhold Hanning says he’s ashamed he witnessed the injustice of Auschwitz. At such trials, victims just want to stir some human reaction from their former tormenters.

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