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    • 27.05.05 | 23:14 (IDT)

    AIPAC has come to represent the ugly face of Israel today and all its sins of occupation. Today, Israel 's face represents crimes against humanity. It is a human rights violator; a breaker of International law, a destroyer of neighbors' homes and infrastructure; an illegal occupier; a confiscator of land/property; an illegal colonizer; an oppressor of a people seeking only to be free to determine their own future; and an imprisoner and torturer of political prisoners. Little wonder Ralph Nader could report in his letter last year to Mr. Abraham Fox (Dir. National Anti-Defamation last summer), many members of Congress admitted privately they were signing on the dotted line against their better judgement. How sick this whole system has gotten. You can't take your neighbor's land; build settlements and give them to strangers. Then use the military to maintain this corrupt system. It is so wrong. I join the Palestinian people in saying I will never accept this corrupt system. It shames the Jewish people I know. Not to mention the tragic victims of the Holocaust. They would never have accepted this--they had principles. We could all see that plainly in the survivors stories. The latest report from Amnesty International, Israel in the Occupied Territories gives all the gory details: Amnesty International Report -- Israel and the Occupied Territories, 2005 Covering events from January - December 2004, "The Israel army killed over 700 Palestinians, including some 150 children. Most were killed unlawfully -- in reckless shooting, shelling and air strikes in civilian residential areas; in extrajudicial executions; and as a result of excessive use of force. Palestinian armed groups killed 109 Israelis--67 civilians and including eight children -- in suicide bombings, shootings and mortar attacks. Stringent restrictions imposed by the Israeli army on the movement of Palestinians in the Occupied territories caused widespread poverty and unemployment and hindered access to health and education facilities. The Israeli army destroyed several hundred Palestinian homes, large areas of agricultural land, and infrastructure networks. Israel continues to expand illegal settlements and to and build a fence/wall through the West Bank, confining Palestinians in isolated enclaves cut off from their land and essential services in nearby towns and villages, Israeli settlers increase their attacks against Palestinians and their property and international human rights workers. Certain abuses omitted by the army constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes, including unlawful killings extensive and wanton destruction of property, obstruction of medical personnel, torture, and the use of Palestinians as "human shields." The deliberate targeting of civilians by Palestinian groups constitute crimes against humanity ". ( Dutch

    from the article: Think before you sing `Hatikva'
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