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    • Fortuna Benmayor
    • 04.12.11 | 15:56 (IST)

    Israel can't and shouldn't put her existence down the line due to a clueless, naive president Obama, and his Pizza Hut CIA director, Leon Panetta. This US administration has committed blunder after blunder after blunder, ever since Obama's Cairo speech to secular, elitist intellectuals and American-lifestyle leaning students. It failed to give a helping hand to the Green Movement protests in Iran, after the stolen elections in June 2009. It failed to react to the Arab Spring in harmony with American interests and allies, promoting peace and stability. It hasted to intervene stabbing ally Mubarak in the back, was dragged into unnecessary interventionism where the world didn't face a threat -Libya- and never understood the importance of intervening where the world did face a threat -Syria-. It is leaving Iraq and Afghanistan for Iran to devour -this creating an influence zone reaching from Kabul to Beirut- and is naively witnessing the rise and consolidation of Islamism from Turkey to Egypt to Tunis to Morocco instead. Not that the grass-roots movements are Obama's fault. But Obama has believed they are virtuous per se, thus becoming a disaster to the region, rendering his premature Nobel Peace Prize, absurd to say the least. Leon Panetta telling Israel to mend relations with Turkey and Egypt, which don't want such a mending in the first place, is equally stupid and aggravating. When Leon Panetta's CIA has failed in such a strident way as in Lebanon with his Pizza Hut mentality, preaching Israel is wrong to say the least. Telling Israel to go to the negotiating table with Palestinians, assumes Palestinians both want it too and are waiting. Abbas comes back from yet another attempt to receive from Hamas the kiss of death. Israel hasn't been smart or very effective either, but at least it keeps criticism of its key ally at bay. Israel can't sit and wait for Iran to have nuclear weapons in order to please a naive administration. Nor can it negotiate with a Palestinian side, half of it don't even recognize Israel's right to exist. Go home, Leon Panetta, and deal with your own miserable record in the region.

    from the article: Israel has responsibilities as a U.S. ally
    First published 02:03 04.12.11 | Last updated 02:03 04.12.11
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