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    • Gilad144
    • 28.07.11 | 21:35 (IDT)

    When Arafat gave his salami speech, he had full knowledge of this phase of their plan to humiliate and cause serious damage to the Jewish nation. The game plan is to stir up enough emotional support for the Palestinians, to encourage grass roots sanctions support across the world, especially in the socialist, leftist circles including the unions at the harbors handling Israeli goods. The evil plan of the Palestinians has been modeled on what was done to South Africa. They have no intention to undertake serious direct negotiations with Israel. Serious negotiating means making serious compromises, especially in Jerusalem and the holiest site for Jews, the Temple Mount. At this point in history they are not considering peace via the route of sharing with Jews. Arafat rejected the Clinton proposal to share, and so does the current Palestinian leadership. They want it all. What they don’t know is that the resolve of the Jews is strong and this tactic will backfire and return to haunt them. Abbas is in for a big surprise. Israel is not the same as South Africa. Israel has a strong, compelling case. Jews have legitimate rights. The story is not just about Palestinians. Jews have rights as well. Jewish history outdates that of Islam and archeological evidence supports this. I cannot change this fact and neither can the Palestinians. Pursuing the path of sanctions by the Palestinians is going to go down in history as another opportunity missed. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. In the internet age, thankfully, enough people do and will understand that Israel is nothing like South Africa and they will not support the boycott calls. Radical Islam cannot hide its dirty laundry. Enlightened Palestinians need to cut their ties with the Iranians who will never allow real peace as they believe Jerusalem must be controlled by Muslims. According to the Iranians, sharing Jerusalem will prevent the return of the Islamic prophet , the 12th Imam or Mahdi, who went missing 1150 years ago (look it up yourself). The refusal to rejoin peace talks during the 9 month settlement freeze was shunned by the Palestinians. We now know why.

    from the article: Norway's ambassador: Palestinian appeal to UN legitimate in lieu of treaty with Israel
    First published 18:58 28.07.11 | Last updated 18:58 28.07.11
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