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Will a 'Yes' vote in Scotland affect Jewish life?

Senior Scottish Jewish figures are quick to dispel fears of community members leaving in a Yes vote; most are opposed, but there is not a singular community political stance.

The myth that sanctions felled apartheid

Two unfortunate lessons for the global BDS movement: White rule in South Africa didn't end because of boycotts, and Israel isn’t like the old South Africa.

When Orthodox Jews boycott Israeli produce

During the upcoming sabbatical year, Orthodox Jews, not least in the U.S., will not be buying Israeli produce grown by Jews. So why are Jewish eco-liberals and nationalists up in arms about leaving the Land of Israel to rest?

Gideon and Geula: Preparing for the day after Bibi

When the interior minister announced his decision to take a 'time out’ from politics, it was doubtless coordinated with his media-savvy new wife. Meet Israel's new power-couple.