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An Israeli military exercise on the Gaza border, March 22, 2015.

Israel and Hamas maintain a fragile truce

The situation could deteriorate into warfare, even though neither side seeks a conflict.

Tokyo Sexwale in the  West Bank

Curious S. African angles of Israel’s FIFA challenge

The irony of history: Former ANC leader and anti-apartheid activist Tokyo Sexwale is pegged to monitor Israeli policies towards Palestinian footballers.

Palmyra (AFP, 2014)

From Nineveh to Jonah's tomb: ISIS' war on history

Out of sight, out of mind? Islamic State has rampaged through the region, deliberately destroying 'un-Islamic' history as it goes.

Gelido in Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv serving la dolce vita in cup or cone

Ice cream scene in first Hebrew city gets more decadent yet with tastes from Tuscany, Sicily.