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    • zionist forever
    • 05.08.11 | 16:17 (IDT)

    The settlement project has so far cost around $20 billion, yes we are talking about a project thats been going on for 40 years and one of the main reasons for the government investment in settlements was AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Somebody couls have a house with land there for a fraction of what it cost for a decent apartment in Tel Aviv, they were serving a social welare service. As long as we have a coalition government system we will always have settlement construction because coalitions are all about pay offs to diferent parties so the government can't just stop building overnight. * There is no way the palestinians are going to generate $8 billion for Israel * You can't stop spending on defense, it always has been and always will be expensive but peace treaties or no peace treaties we need to spend on defense. For over a decade we had been almost annualy been cutting the defense budget to pay for other things and then soldiers paid the price with their lives because they hd neither equopment which would have saved their lives like the Trophy system to protect tanks from anti tank rockets & reservists were not getting called up for regular training and skills were lostThe reserves were not getting regular call ups to save money so skills lost. Since this arab spring the region is more volitile than ever. Egypt has a huge army with most the same US weapons as the IIDF and a much bigger navy. We don't know who will be in charge or what policies will be like after their election. We have no idea what a post Assad Syria will be like, Lebanon is run by Hizbollah and there is probbly war over gas coming soon .. Lebanon wants the gas, Israel wants the gas and there is enough money at stake for the victor to make a war worthwhile. Iran is on its way to becoming a military superpower, Saudi Arabia they have one of the most advanced militaries in the region & we cant assume they will remanin peaceful forever. So you have to invest in the military always because you can spend 20 years brokering a peace treaty and 1 side can tear it up in 20 seconds.* The focus on zionist content in education has nothing to do with budgets, it doesn't involve spending more money so trying to say the government wants zionism in the curriculum & universities have budget issues is like trying to compare apples & oranges ( one is economic the other is not ) * Medical tourism has nothing to do with the healthcare system because it takes place in private hospitals with private doctors. When the health service needs is to invite the private sector to play a bigger role not drive it out which the protestors want. Lets put all hospitals into private ownership and let the health fund negotiate doctor salleries and the government purchases their services. Government is a cutomer rather than an owner of hospitals.* This government has been very hard to encourage more of the haredi to get into the workplace and has had some success but you can't force people to work. You also can't just go close down the yeshivas. You want to get more people working then stop supporting the foreign workers, the left are very much against deporting the illegals especially if they have children. We need to deport these people and then encourage Israeli's to do those jobs which is something the government has tried. Currently unemployment in Israel is at a 20 year low so I think if there is one area this government has done very well its in the employment arena. * JNF land is managed by the state but not owned by it, the JNF is a private trust. We also don't want government just selling off all state owned land for the arabs to buy up. Selling the crown jewls to the arabs won't solve economic problems just a way of making a fast buck. You want to stabilize housing prices then get people out the centre of the country and into the Negev, Judiaize the Galilee like so many governments have talked about doing for decades. When people are living all over the country rather than concentrated in the centre & along the coast prices will come down although don't expect Tel Aviv to become affordable anytime soon, you want to live in the big city you pay a premiium just like you do in London or New York. * Those diaspora Jews buying holiday homes in Israel add a fortune to the economy. You take an apartment that goes in a luxury block for about 1 million Shekel. That is $1 million shekels of new money coming from outside Israel. The foreign buyers also usually choosy about what they buy, A foreigner wanting a holiday home usually wants it on the coast and in a decent area of town where prices are more expensive anyway. So these people buy the properties that are usually out of the reach of oridinary people to buy either because of position or its an expensive building. We need the income from those rich foreign Jews wanting their apartments * If Israeli Jews want to live abroad that is their right, are we going to start dictating to our citizens now what countries they are allowed to live in? * So much of the financial wealth is in the hands of so few people because the WORLD has changed there are many more of these super rich worldwide and what would you like Bibi to do to them, strip them of their wealth and power maybe and distribute it among the masses? You start trying to hurt the rich or the big businss then their solution will be to leave Israel and take their money with them .. they have the money and contacts to do it.`

    from the article: Memo to the marchers
    First published 09:49 05.08.11 | Last updated 09:49 05.08.11
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