A respose to Pfc Benn and Gidon. You deserve the Pulitzer Prize for selfishness - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • John
    • 02.09.10 | 11:45 (IDT)

    That people brought in for interrogation are handcuffed is universal. That handcuffs not put on properly hurt and that no one gives a damn is universal too. And that this is done to anyone interrogated whether occupied or one's own is not something that deserves the Pulitzer Prize either. Aluf and Levy know that well. Hence, one may wonder what do they, Aluf and Levy, want? Well, they live in their own world called the Journalism World. There are prizes and recognitions. The more one self-criticizes, especially Israel, the greater the chance of winning a prize is. That's the competition. Aluf, you should be ashamed for criticizing an army and in the same sentence say ‘ye, but not me.’ One feels like vomiting. For first, how the hell do you criticize an entire army and them placing yourself aloof? For two, if you are so great, maybe the great majority acts this way? Is it impossible that most eighteen year olds share the values that you had as an eighteen year old? Who are you Special? Levy is taking it a stretch. Here is one of many: “Try to think for a moment about the thousands of detainees that you handcuffed, humiliated and tortured.” Did anyone know that Aluf was the handcuff guy? Did anyone other than Levy deduce from Aluf’s article that he handcuffed THOUSANDS? Was Aluf the handcuff minister or what? Mr. Levy, just give me one scientific study proving that this behavior is a result of occupation, when in truth you know that this is, unfortunately, done to anyone interrogated all over the world. Do you think that you can just bash and knock an entire country until it erased will become? Who the hell are you either? Don’t you think that there are thousands like you in Israel or around the world that just want to respect every human being? Don’t you think that this is the goal of most Israelis? What prize are you going for? Where would YOU like to receive it? In a different country in the Middle East or in Europe, who happens to live in peace for sixty out of thousands of years? Which country out there in this universe, surrounded by countries who unfortunately desire to eradicate it; Which country out there still at its inception, surrounded by countries who unfortunately have not accepted its existence yet; which country at its inception, at which time all had to go ultimately face unfortunately a civil war, do you envy? Is there place for perfection? Of course YES! Is there place for overwhelming, daily, rude criticism? NO! I strip both of you from the prize you both hope to achieve. I am willing though to give you both “The Pulitzer Prize of Selfishness.” That’s your avatar and for that you shall be prized.

    from the article: A response to Pfc. Benn
    First published 02:58 02.09.10 | Last updated 02:58 02.09.10
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