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Bennett throws PM ultimatum over West Bank tenders

Habayit Hayehudi chairman warns Netanyahu: Unfreeze settlement building or we'll destabilize coalition.

Policemen detain a Palestinian protestor during clashes at the Temple Mount compound.
Jerusalem, the capital of apartheid, awaits the uprising

Mass arrests, violent settlers, expulsion, and dispossession: With that as the lot of Jerusalem's Palestinians, no one should have been surprised with Wednesday's terror attack.

12:01 23.10.14 | 4 comments
IDF chief Benny Gantz, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Min. Moshe Ya'alon.
Israel has become complacent on the battlefield, too

Yes, we have high-tech; terrific high-tech. And we have the resources to finance a large, awkward, tired army. But we don’t have the creative bravado and the national discipline that typified us in the past.

10:31 23.10.14 | 1 comments

Ebola and us: Why fear is something to fear itself

As pandemics go, Ebola is a midget, but its potential for instilling panic could have economic ramifications for Israel and the developed world far in excess of its death toll.