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Gaza fire kills 4-year-old, wounds one near Ashdod

LATEST UPDATES: IDF: 4-year-old was killed by mortars fired from UN school; Netanyahu orders IDF to intensify Gaza attacks; four wounded by rocket fire in Ashdod, Be'er Sheva.

Netanyahu has had enough. So have his ministers.

Respect for the prime minister, a cornerstone of every governmental culture, has vanished. Cabinet ministers are looking toward an election, or elsewhere.

A Ukrainian army tank is pictured at a checkpoint in Donetsk region August 22, 2014.
Ukraine says Russian invasion has begun

NATO says Russians using artillery against Ukrainian troops - the closest the alliance has come to accusing Russia of direct war.

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My first American ER

Just like in Jerusalem, blacks are the majority in the ER here - I mean, in Israel it’s Arabs, but you get the idea.