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    • judah ben hur
    • 07.07.10 | 18:55 (IDT)

    Let me get this straight; the pals and their jew loving friends on haaretz want the pals to be able to take back what they previously stole? That makes their claim justified? haahahah.... come on ...enough with this kabuki theatre...this is JEW land baby! we were here thousands of years BEFORE there ever was any such thing called islam. The occupied territories only became occupied in 1967 as a result of the arabs ganging up to make war on israel to try to take it all. They lost. The land that was jordan(west bank) and the land that was egypt(gaza) was used by those countries to attack israel. They lost. If you know you're history, the PLO was formed as a liberation group in 1964...and in case any of you meatheads dont or wont acknowledge this date, it was 3 full years PRIOR to their being any so called occupied territory. So what were they trying to liberate in 1964? anyone? further to this sham, israel offered back all of this territory they legally won in 1967, in return for full recognition of israel's right to exist, as mandated by none other than the UN! The arabs said no, three times at khartoum...you know why? because they never wanted just the west bank and gaza.they want it all...they want land that was never theirs, that they inherited after the jews were kicked out by the romans and which was then lived on by christians and then turks...point being, it was never "palestinian"...in fact, there is no such historical identity as such. Aside from all of these FACTS, attempting to persuade the world that you are a nation ready for full rights and recognition by using terror tactics, blowing up buses, murdering olympic athletes, hijacking planes etc...is not only amoral, it is a clear sign that these people are NOT ready to be granted their own state. I say, give them a chance...swap some land, settle refugee claims monetarily, with pals wishing to return only allowed to return to the new state they create, split jerusalem, isolate hamas in gaza, and then, if even one terrorist attack comes from this new state, all bets are off. Israel will then reserve the full right to go in and squash them. I say challenge the arabs to this and we will see the real truth of their ultimate goals.

    from the article: Palestinian negotiator: Netanyahu blocking path to direct peace talks
    First published 14:47 07.07.10 | Last updated 14:47 07.07.10
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