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    • Michael N
    • 11.07.05 | 01:15 (IDT)

    As predictable as next next winter's snow the ugly crowd of Osama=Hitler, bus bombing=holocaust, disengagement supporters=lefties,commies,self loathing Jews etc. is busy attacking Gideon Levy for, Heavens forbid, telling the unvarnished truth that terrorism as loathsome as it is, has roots and causes which cannot be denied or worse ignored. Tony Blair, imagine that, had the audacity to link the London bombings to the unsettled conflict in the Middle East. That conflict might not be the main or sole cause of unrest and exported terrorist activities but it sure is the catalyst. The U.S unambiguous support for Israel, its involvement in Afganistan and Iraq surly provide fodder for the restless nationalist/fundamentalist crowd. Lest there be any doubt about the origin of OBL activities- sponsored, supported and financed by the C.I.A during the haydays of the anti Russian war in Afganistan. No less cynical was the support for Saddam's war against Iraq. Now that we are in the midst of a 'war against terror' with no apparent solution in sight this conflict is painted by the ideologues as a 'war of civilizations', that is a war between the 'our way of life'/8 miles per gallon SUV/deficit as the eye can see civilization and the towel heads/madrasas/camel drivers civilization. The pragmatists, that is to say, those with first hand experience of and in the complex cultural and political worlds of the Middle East point correctly to flawed Western policies and unmitigated interventionalism as key in understanding what ails Arabic societies and produces extremists who wwould stop at nothing. To flipantly state that Africans are poor but that they do not resort to terror tactics is absolutely misleading. African terror has rampaged for many years but it has been intra continental, against blacks themselves and against foreign occupiers, British, belgian, Portugese, French etc. In the Middle East, the proximity to Europe and a large immigrant population there has facilitated the exportation of terror attacks. Poverty is one ingredient but mixed with subjugation,exploitation, humiliation, loss of honor and self respect is explosive. Here is the point: Dealing with terrorism is like dealing with diseases. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. The astronomic sums spent in Iraq and lavished on Haliburton could have been put to a better use in building stable societies in their respective countries. Many agree that had the infrastructure inIraq been restored quickly the insurgency would not have flourished there and Iraq was not a POOR country to begin with. But the U.S was primarily in destroy and not restore mode at least in 2003.There is no data to contradict the notion that if the Palestinians were allowed to live freely in the West Bank and Gaza and to be helped in building a new infrastructure to sustain them economically, that the explosive current situation would not be defused. Gideon Levy's observations and notions are correct even if some of his language is irritating. The nitpicking is counterproductive. What is the point in burying the head in the sand?

    from the article: A world path not followed
    First published 00:00 10.07.05 | Last updated 00:00 10.07.05
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