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    • Nick Ferriman
    • 15.02.10 | 09:44 (IST)

    Dear Dr L Brnd, Thank you for your reply. The Taliban was a government, and 9/11 was a sufficient enough pretext (the rules on self-defence mean a border guard firing a rifle or rocket would not suffice, the killing of 3,000 people did), so it was legitimate to attack Afghanistan to remove the aggressor. This is why the UN gave its permission for the attack. The attack on Iraq was not legitimate, as it was not authorized by the UN. As for Hamas, it is a legitimate resistance movement trying to free its people from Israeli subjugation. (For your information, Palestine does not have a seat at the UN. It only has observer status. It is therefore not classified by the UN as a nation state. Sorry). Hezbollah is in a similar position. It too came into being only after the murderous assault and occupation of its territory by Israel. Both these organization are fighting to free themselves. Under democratic president ? e.g. the American Revolutionary War ? and international law, those who are under ?alien? or ?colonial? domination have the right to free themselves, and what is more, UN Resolution 2649, passed in 1970, allows the oppressed to use what ever weapons are available to do so. This means suicide bombings are, like cluster bombs and mines (if they can get their hands on them), legitimate as tactics and weapons in their hands, but not in the hands of their oppressors. Aggressive nation states and their bully boy supporters hate hearing this. They also object vociferously to being reminded that according to John Locke those who suppress a rebellion do so without authority, and are then themselves illegitimate entities. By his definition, the US is an illegitimate state with no authority, apart from, that is, the power that comes out of the barrel of a gun. This makes it no different to Mao?s China, apart from the extent of its military power. I do not expect the US to play the ?game? as you call it, because behaving morally and decently is not in its make-up. Rather, ethnic cleansing, mass murder and genocide are integral parts of its institutional DNA. So rest assured, I do not for one moment expect the US to give up its wars of aggression on the world?s indigenous peoples.. As for my definition on terrorism, I like your contribution of the word ?intentional?, so I have included it here: terrorism is the deliberate and intentional use of violence against unarmed civilians for political ends. Thank you. You will note too that I have removed my comment that ?This was how the West was won? because it hides a greater truth. The West was won by ethnic cleaning and genocide, but I have referred to that propensity already. It is American force of arms, not moral power, that is enforcing its global hegemony. That is all it has to offer, fear. It is not much of a legacy is it? Regards Nick Ferriman Bangkok

    from the article: Egypt official: Israel assassination policy inflaming entire Mideast
    First published 17:34 13.02.10 | Last updated 18:08 13.02.10
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