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    • Tosefta
    • 20.10.07 | 15:41 (IST)

    6. "You may notice [X] that in my statement PART of the reason for anti-semitism is Jewish separatism and sense of superiority. Whether you like it or not, this is a FACT, DOCUMENTED already in Hellenistic times. I mentioned it in the past as well. Facts are facts. As I explained recently to people who could listen, anti-semitism is not necessarily acquired rationally, but people get it from suckling at their mothers` breasts. And anti-Semitism is responsible for the Holocaust. Do you notice the sequence here?" - Tosefta "Who did the documenting in the Hellenistic times? The Greeks who held themselves superior to all others.They put down everybody, your"sources" are biased,would you use jewish sources to base your assumptions of greeks upon them? " - Danite "You are the biggest spreader of false info and lies, even to the point of repeating anti semitic accusations as if they were fact." - A later Danite retort You would think that to know why gentiles hate Jews you would ask the reason from the gentiles, not from the Jews (or Danite). But who can contest the fact of separatism? Since Danite knows about the prohibition of drinking wine with gentiles, can he not relate it to separatism or even accept it? Does Danite not know of Jewish reluctance to intermarry with gentiles? One needs to be either blind or dumb not to be aware of Jewish separateness, or perhaps to be a staunch Jewish Apologist who would deny reality if it makes the Jews less than attractive. But wait, there is a LATE ADDITION: "Your proof to me that Hitlers charges against the jews had veracity because they were ancient to which you alluded to the hellenistic sources as proof.Please Tosefta, admit your defeat" It seems all my words, including the top quote, made no impression on Danite the comprehension-challenged. The Hellenistic sources observe Jewish separateness, which every Jew, even a dimwit, will be able to confirm from personal knowledge. And the behavior started in antiquity, but lasted until modern times. I do indeed acknowledge my DEFEAT. I wasn`t able to reach a blockheaded apologist who refuses to see the obvious. I FAILED. God, have mercy (Kyrie Eleison)! (continued)

    from the article: FM Tzipi Livni condemns Belarusian President's anti-Semitic remarks
    First published 00:00 18.10.07 | Last updated 00:00 18.10.07
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Yitzhak Gabbay and his lawyer, Itamar Ben-Gvir, speak at the Jerusalem District Court in Dec. 2015.
Third arsonist of Jerusalem bilingual school sentenced to three years in prison

Yitzhak Gabbay refused a July plea deal signed by Lehava activists.

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The Erez Crossing with the Gaza Strip, in 2014.
Israel tightens restrictions on Gaza Palestinians seeking medical treatment

Maximum age of patient chaperones who must undergo a security check was raised from 35 to 55, meaning anyone younger than 55 won’t be able to get permission, Palestinians say.

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A poster for a new HIV information campaign for asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan, Tel Aviv. Nov
Israel aims new HIV campaign at asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan

Campaign coincides with World AIDS Day; African migrants account for a quarter of newly diagnosed HIV carriers; some were infected as a result of rape in torture camps on the way to Israel.

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Turkish Protestors against Putin
Shock waves from Syria intensify Turkey’s chaotic times

Non-stop headlines - from the downing of a Russian plane to the assassination and arrest of journalists - have accompanied the first days of the new/old Turkish government. Lurking behind them all are the reverberations of the Syria crisis.

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