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    • Tosefta
    • 20.10.07 | 02:56 (IST)

    I was hoping that Danite the Jewish Apologist will accept the fact of Jewish separateness, something every last Jew knows about, and stop denying it and chase me with foolish arguments. No luck. So in this Part I will recount a couple of his further "arguments". They mostly have to do with the reliability of sources. First, some background. Already Hecataeus of Abdera (3-4th cent. BC, beginning of Hellenistic era), noted that Jews are "somewhat unsocial and hostile to foreigners". Fully blown anti-Semitism is known to have existed at the time of Antiochus IV persecution which precipitated the Hasmonean rebellion. The book of Esther is believed to have been written at that time, and based on the Jewish perception for the cause of their troubles. Now to Danite`s complaints: 1. "What are the charges some Hellenistic writters make against the Jews? That they are anti religious and blaspemous( because they worship an unseen god) that they are lazy and decadent( because they legislate one day in seven for rest). . By your logic we would have to accept their understandings as the fianl word on the subject." - Danite OK, the Hellenists did not understand the purpose of Jewish customs. But did they fail to observe their impact: SEPARATISM? The Jews were separate and wanted to keep it that way. Who would miss this? 2. "The Hellenistic writers you refer wrote hundreds of years BEFORE the Talmud, so how could they have noticed it??" - Danite Actually, my precise words were "Danite the Apologist refuses to accept the evidence from the TALMUD which LEGISLATES separatism (in Part II; thru wine prohibition). Imagine, the Hellenists should not have noticed it". The IT refers to "separatism", which existed even before the Hellenists, not to the Talmud. Had the Hellenists noticed a Jewish book they would still not have been able to read it. You have to be extremely careful when you deal with a comprehension-challenged brain. One less than crystal clear formulation and the poor brain gets out of whack. But my question still stands: If you know about Talmudic legislation of separateness, why do you question it (I mean, separateness)? I am at a loss for words. Are we dealing with an impaired brain here or is it just a lack of practice to pay attention to details? Dear reader, do you have any idea for me as to what to do? Thanks a gallon. (Continued)

    from the article: FM Tzipi Livni condemns Belarusian President's anti-Semitic remarks
    First published 00:00 18.10.07 | Last updated 00:00 18.10.07
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