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EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

EU: Move to label settlement products unstoppable

Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office deny that foreign policy chief Mogherini made such remarks during her visit to Israel last month.

Home Front Command exercise in 2013.

Sirens to sound across Israel as part of IDF drill

Sirens to be heard at 11:05 A.M. and 7:05 P.M. to simulate rocket attack on Israel, residents requested to calmly head to local shelters.

A man evacuates a child from a building following a reported barrel bomb attack by Syrian forces.

Rebel gains leave Israel imagining life without Assad

IDF deputy chief of staff says Syrian army ‘has ceased to exist’ and that Hezbollah’s casualties are significantly higher than previously believed.

Project participant Larissa with her sponge cake.

Cookbook collects recipes from Holocaust survivors

Student volunteers across three continents visited survivors in their home kitchens to ensure one more aspect of their lives would not be forgotten.