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    • Yonatan
    • 02.10.05 | 21:52 (IDT)

    Sorry I misquoted Lady Macbeth's words. "Please tell me how many soldiers died defending the settlements and than tell me how many soldiers and civilians died defending Israel before 1967" Your statement is a non sequitur. No matter how many were killed before 1967, had there been no settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, there would have been no need to defend them and therefore no casualties defending them. "You are being taught a Left wing curricullum in Israeli schools based on the Peres Utopia of a New Middle East." Obviously you're not a native Israeli and you have no idea what is being taught in Israeli schools - at least secular schools. As for Peres, a man can dream, can't he? And he's just as guilty as Rabin for not having the guts to stand up to the settlers. "Even if you give away your inherittance there will be killings and in spite of it even more killings." Sorry, Gabe, only the Orthodox believe that the Torah was given on Mt. Sinai and that the Land was promised to Abraham. No serious scholar of the Bible accepts that claim as historical. As for "giving it away", we haven't had places liie Hebron for a long, long time. The Jewish community in Hebron till 1929 constituted but a tiny minority of the inhabitants, and today the place is infested by 140,000 fundamentalist Muslim Arabs (and 400 maniac Jewish settlers and yeshiva students). Is that worth being killed for? Every life and every shekel wasted there is a sin. "The economy has nothing to do with the territories" You believe it. The facts and statistics belie your belief. "...if you think that the seetlers have it that easy why not move there and be on easy street" Sorry, I'm not a maniac or a masochist. If they have it hard in spite of all the lives and money wasted on them, they deserve it. "Sharon just spent 9 Billion shekels on the the expulsion money that could have been spent on the poor." Too bad they weren't removed from Gaza when it was cheaper and less lives and money had been wasted to maintain them. "The settlers in Gaza, Judea and samaria and the Golan heights have always been self supporting ." Like an old lady's breasts without a brassiere, right? "wake up from your slumber." I did - back in the '80s, when I finally realized that either we expel the Palestinians from the Teritories or get out ourselves. Since the former was impracticable, I opted for the latter. What's your solution for the demographic probvlem buddy? Arise, ye sleeper!

    from the article: The Rabin state
    First published 00:00 02.10.05 | Last updated 00:00 02.10.05
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