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    • AinNY
    • 20.11.09 | 02:49 (IST)

    Why should the US not stop spending another #3 Bil on Israel~? Because there are those for whom America`s morality is more important than it is for you. Those who know what Pres Eisenhower saw at the Nazi concentration camps. ~. And those who know that without America`s help, Israel would be exterminated to the last woman and child by those who could do such monstrosity as 9/11!- S # 51 I just finished Truman?s biography. Truman?s recognition of Israel was not based on morality or the holocaust in Germany. It was based on a sense of what was right and to a greater extent on the influence his Jewish friend, Eddie Jacobson. Truman also noted the attempted pressure of the Jewish lobby which apparently he ignored. Ultimately, it was Jacobson who carried the day for Israel. You will not find any two presidents who would be more concerned for American morality and personal integrity than Truman and Eisenhower. However, Truman and Eisenhower insisted on America remaining neutral and refused to allow arms sales to Israel. The holocaust did not influence their decisions. The embargo of American arms sales to Israel, which did not end until Kennedy allowed limited sales of defensive weapons in 1962. Neither they, or other American leaders, Generals Marshall, Bradley, sec of states, Byrnes, Acheson, Dulles, etc, considered Israel a strategic geopolitical country or vital to Americas interests as other countries in the middle east. The strategic geopolitical reality has not changed since then. Only the degree of political manipulation of the Israeli lobby on the American political system has changed. Israel, as it demonstrated in 1967 was able to defend itself without significant American aid. But it was only after 1967 that significant American military aid, about 100 million in 19667 to 2.5 billion a year a decade later. If America had maintained it neutrality it is unlikely that Israel would have, or could have annexed the conquered territories. The American military and economic aid has enabled Israel to abandon self defense and become a conqueror and oppressor of other people. The military aid is well beyond what is necessary for self defense and is now used for aggression, oppression and expansion. If America withdrew its aid Israel would be forced to pursue a political solution to its problems rather than attempting a military solution. In this context American aid has also perverted Israel?s political system.

    from the article: ANALYSIS / Netanyahu senses Obama's weakness on Jerusalem
    First published 02:50 18.11.09 | Last updated 18:38 18.11.09
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