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    • Dutch
    • 01.05.06 | 07:58 (IDT)

    "If Israel cuts a deal with Abbas, why should the Palestinian militant groups honor the agreement? It is pointless to sign an agreement if one party (Israel) will enforce it with respect to her citizens, but the other party (the Palestinians) will not. This has been the problem with the Palestinians since 1947. There is no central political authority that all Palestinians will obey. It`s like trying to herd cats" Jeff, While I admit no side is without its faults where do you get off claiming the Israelis are the pure at heart and the Palestinians can do no right? Indeed, I feel the opposite is most likely the situation but that would be like adapting your ridiculous position too. Nevertheless, I feel the way Israeli officials have behaved in the past lies more with the thinking of the historian Motti Golani: "It was convenient for Israel's leadership to take the route of war and it was the way of peace that caused it great difficulties...In many sense, it was easier to go to war than the alternative restraint and concessions of various kind." Thus one could concluded they most likely derailed all the other peace proposals below in much the same fashion. Nevertheless, I feel Ibrahim's statement the other day is more reflective today of the Israeli society: ":The Israeli Occupation and Settlement Enterprise has corrupted Israeli society (and the larger world Jewish Community) and ingrained a sense of superiority, arrogance and FLAGANT RACISM ..." . So please Jeff get off your high horse and take some responsibility for goodness sake for the current situation and stop blaming the victims whom I admit aren't without their faults too in this morally confused Israeli society. I wish you had taken more courses in psychology or were more introspective--it would serve you better. Thanks anyway, Dutch (It's way past my bedtime, Good night! ) P.S. Israel's failed peace proposals since 1967: The Rogers Plan (1969) , The Scranton Mission on behalf of President Nixon (1970) ;Sadat's land for peace, mutual recognition proposal (1971); Carter's call for a Geneva International Conference (1971); Saudi King Fahd's peace offer (1981); The Reagan Plan (1982); The Shulzt Plan (1988); The Baker Plan (1989); A continuation of the Taba negotiations (2001); The Saudi Peace proposal on behalf of the Arab League (2001); The unofficial Geneva peace initiative of November/December 2003. In 1993 Arafat signed the Oslo Accord which unraveled after Yitzhak Rabin's assassination (Nov.1995) and Likud's return to power: 22 Arab states comprehensive peace initiative, based on the 2001 Syrian Initiative (2002); Syrian peace initiative (2003); Syrian initiative to start negotiations of Nov. 2004. ( Sharon rejected the last 3 peace initiatives.) Dutch

    from the article: Ah, where are those Arabs?
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