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    • Dutch
    • 08.12.09 | 02:45 (IST)

    Hello Jon, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I welcome your quest- ion as I believe listening and acknowledging one another is a funda- mental step to our human existence and indeed for the good of our re- lations among individuals and groups of people & indeed member states. I see Israel's failure today as the banishing of a group of people it ought to be acknowledging and whose own legitimacy it will be forever linked with. In 1947 the conditions for Israel's coming into being and its very exist- ence as a member state was based on fulfilling two UN Resolutions: 1. ) accept a ful fledge sovereign Palestinian state in accordance with Un Resolution 181 and 2.) allow the return of refugees to return " to their homes" who were displaced in the 1948 conflict in accordance with UN Resolution 194. To date, Israel has neither acknowledged those two conditions nor fulfilled them and instead it leaders have continued to choose the policies of aggression and lawlessness over peace and negotiations and have violated Palestinian borders as they did in 1948 to illegally increase their land size from 55% percent allotted by the UN to 78% percent before the British gave up the mandate in 1948 and invaded the Palestinian territories in 1967 and expanded hundreds of illegal settlements to increase their land holdings at present to well over 80% percent of the Palestinian peoples' homeland. So you see this is the other great crime and Holocaust of the 20th century and Israeli leaders continues to commit the same sins and crimes of the past when they should at least be complying with in- ternational law which requires them to evacuate the territories to the 1967 Green Line and dismantled the settlements. This is what Hamas and the Arab initiative has demanded of them also and it is what the world expects of Israel before its leaders can take a proper seat at the table with the family of nations at the UN and restore their image and Israel's as a just and moral nation. Thanks again , I hope this was helpful to you. Dutch P.S. Please view Salman Abu Sitta award winning eye witness account of the 1967 invasion of the territories and note the editorial below by a very wise Israeli, also check out the B'Tselem Human Rights website. http://palestinevideo.blogspot.com/2006/09/salman-abu-sitta-geography- of.html "If we insist on ruling an entire territory and population (which was never envisioned when we made the dramatic breakthrough to Jewish statehood.) . we shall soon lose our Jewish majority , our democratic principles , our hope of ultimate peace, the prospect of avoiding war, the maintenance of our international friendships, the durability of the Egyptian treaty relationship and any chance of a national consensus at home. The status quo is the least viable and the most catastrophic of all the Israeli options." Abba Eban , NYT, Op-Ed, 1988.

    from the article: 'The Freeze' is just another scene in Israel's masquerade
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