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    • Nick Ferriman
    • 14.02.10 | 15:24 (IST)

    Dear Dr L Brnd, You make a number of statements that require a response from some one. As a native speaker I can give you a definition of terrorism: the use of violence against non-combatants for political ends. It was how the West was won. You then claim that drone strikes are precise and only inflict military casualties. This is balderdash. The strikes by US drones on targets in Pakistan have caused the deaths of countless numbers of civilians. It has infuriated Pakistani public opinion, as it did in Iraq when the US did the same thing there. As for the use of drones in Gaza, Human Rights Watch have condemned Israel for the deaths of a number of children, playing on the roofs of their homes in broad daylight, by missile strikes fired from drones. Your legal justification for these strikes on places thousands of miles from the US is that it is self-defence. Well, international law would not agree with you. Article 51 of the UN Charter makes it specifically clear that the right of self-defence can only be called when a nation state is attacked by another nation state. Pakistan has not attacked the US, so that line of defence is out. And as for Israel, that legal defence does not exist either, because, for all its aspirations Palestine is not a nation state. What we are witnessing from the US and Israel is not self-defence but wars of aggression, and these are crimes under international law. The global citizenry is not in a position to prevent these disgusting attacks, but we will ensure that international jurisdiction will mean that the war criminals who order or commit them will not be able to travel overseas without fearing arrest. Finally, the tone of your post suggests that you believe Mossad hit teams are a good thing. Anyone who thinks that cannot possibly be a supporter of democracy. These hit teams operate outside of the law, and one of the features of a democratic society is its commitment and adherence to the rule of law. Extra-judicial assassination of opponents in cold blood, both in the Occupied Territories and now it seems elsewhere, is just one more example of the contempt that Israel and its supporters have for democratic ideals. The US-Israel axis is a serious threat to the well-being of indigenous peoples everywhere. Regards Nick

    from the article: Egypt official: Israel assassination policy inflaming entire Mideast
    First published 17:34 13.02.10 | Last updated 18:08 13.02.10
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