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    • Dutch
    • 28.05.05 | 22:31 (IDT)

    Khalid / Chanah-- I couldn't agree more the state that practices evil every day and it should be condemned and charged with war crimes. The Amnsty International Report validates and recommends this too. I think you were right to point out to Chanah her justifications and silliness about these crimes are disturbing. Of course, Chanah is probably one of those people who say "never again" and look the other way--especially if they are Palestinians. But this is an immoral standard and it shames the victims of the Holocaust whom others viewed in a similar way. Dutch P. S. The latest report from Amnesty International, Israel in the Occupied Territories documents Israel's evil daily. Amnesty International Report -- Israel and the Occupied Territories, 2005 Covering events from January - December 2004, "The Israel army killed over 700 Palestinians, including some 150 children. Most were killed unlawfully -- in reckless shooting, shelling and air strikes in civilian residential areas; in extrajudicial executions; and as a result of excessive use of force. Palestinian armed groups killed 109 Israelis--67 civilians and including eight children -- in suicide bombings, shootings and mortar attacks. Stringent restrictions imposed by the Israeli army on the movement of Palestinians in the Occupied territories caused widespread poverty and unemployment and hindered access to health and education facilities. The Israeli army destroyed several hundred Palestinian homes, large areas of agricultural land, and infrastructure networks. Israel continues to expand illegal settlements and to and build a fence/wall through the West Bank, confining Palestinians in isolated enclaves cut off from their land and essential services in nearby towns and villages, Israeli settlers increase their attacks against Palestinians and their property and international human rights workers. Certain abuses omitted by the army constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes, including unlawful killings extensive and wanton destruction of property, obstruction of medical personnel, torture, and the use of Palestinians as "human shields." The deliberate targeting of civilians by Palestinian groups constitute crimes against humanity ". (http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArtVty.jhtml?sw=amnesty+int+report+on+Israel..&itemNo=580293) Dutch

    from the article: Think before you sing `Hatikva'
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Holocaust survivors walk through the main gate of Auschwitz, the former Nazi death camp
Israel won’t give monthly stipends to Holocaust survivors who arrived after 1953

Survivors of Nazi persecution who immigrated before 1953 are eligible for a monthly stipend from the state, ranging from 2,200 shekels to 9,000 shekels, as well as other benefits.

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Israel Air Force strikes Hamas targets in northern Gaza in response to shootings

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Trump says Obama 'weakened Israel' and Jewish communities in Europe

Trump's adviser Jason Greenblatt promised to 'create a different tone in Europe and around the world.'

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Ephraim Apter was smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto as a baby.
A tale of Holocaust survival, courtesy of a Polish family

Ephraim Apter, who later fought in a number of Israel's wars and became a rich businessman, doesn't know if he could have done what the Bonczaks did.

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