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    • Joseph E . post 1
    • 18.12.07 | 12:58 (IST)

    This Land is My Land , You already know you won't get His Land neither by any artifice nor by Law interpretation and surrender is not an option , especially after a 2000 years of yearning , craving , nostalgy for falling short of the standards that G'D has laid for me. This said , even if i need not and neither want your peace , i mind not peace for peace , but only if it is a peace like the one for example between Australia and New Zealnad and Canada . but for such peace and for other many reasons , you folks will have to wait at least 292 years . (I'm going by the Hebrew Calendar hence 292 is a number based on my comprehension of Jewish Scriptures Prophecies) I'm satisfied with His Land , i don't need yours , i don't even want yours , But as always we'll revert to our messengers punishments with all destruction that fall under their power if you keep on coming back and revert to your crimes , if and once i get your land and only than you may validly call me occupying power , and eventhough i may for a while take over your crucial responsibilities , you still may kill yourselves but you'll like my non interference in your mundane affairs , for you to responsibly assume your freedom and liberties within the respect of your differences and those of others whatever they are. Knowledge is power but the fear of G'D first so to keep that power and master the knowledge . # 36 Assad-u-LLAH , Keep in mind since Titus in 70 A.C. the State of Israel was renamed palestine as were renamed many other cities and so palestine became simply a region that was never since turned into a state , neither under Al Andalus nor Ottoman nor the British Empire and stayed so till the former palestine region turned into the State of the Jews Sovereign Uncommon Power by any today world standards . True is that jews , christians and muslims resided in since but the region was mainly desolate except around a few cities and mankind perceived it thru a religious point of view but undoubtly mankind memory event with the changes that happened in the interim, connected His Holy Land to the jews , Is as if you say mankind memory of Mount Sinaii or a christian from the north pole visit the Vatican or a muslim from Jakarta goes on a pilgrimage to Mecca , So today the Sovereign State of the Jews moral political order administer its invested authority upon the political , civil and religious rights of the jews and upon the civil and religious rights of the non-jews as well , Given Israel` orderly authority, as well as its recent experiences with the Al-Aqsa Intifada for example , best is that the State of the Jews capability continue to preserve and protect the interests of the Jewish people , as well.as the traditional access of all faiths, under Israel`s exclusive sovereignty in its biblical hills with Jerusalem as its unified capital , everyone is served and dir balak whomever reverts to his crimes to undermines such invested sovereignty , order , authority , interests , access . continuation.....

    from the article: Officials: Israel to allow construction in existing W. Bank settlements
    First published 00:00 17.12.07 | Last updated 00:00 17.12.07
Haaretz Headlines
An Israeli army post opposite to a Hamas military post on the Gaza border.
IDF: Artillery fired at soldiers near Gaza border

No injuries or damage were sustained, army says.

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