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    • Ernst
    • 16.08.05 | 17:34 (IDT)

    The first 3 paragraphs you wrote I totally agree with: it is a new battle scene out there and we must adapt top that. But then you write ?we are fighting armed militias who find it easier not to be recognized.? And then you write ?we know our enemy well? This is in conflict with each other. The second remark I agree with, the first I don?t. So let?s continue on the second one: You know who your enemy is and you know who there leaders are. Then you carefully follow them, you set in motion a whole system of informers, spies, unmanned reconnaissance planes and specially trained elite forces or even F-16 bombers (or were they F-15? Sorry, I don?t remember) and in stead of using this emormous effort in arresting them , bringing them to court and let them rot in prison, you decide without any legal justification, to murder them! And if only this would work, but no, the hate and frustration of the Palestinians grows to even more unprecedented levels. After every ?targeted killing? Hamas can inscribe hundreds of new members to its organization. The IDF has been the biggest Hamas marketer of all! You write that by killing Hamas leaders you want to install fear. But that?s really stupid, because Hamas leaders know they can be killed and generally are not afraid of it any more. The opposite effect is applied: Hamas leaders don?t have anything to loose and are easier in planning new murderous attacks on Israelis. And it is a well known fact that among the Palestinian public, support has grown enormously for the suicide bombers. They reason simply that murder of Israelis is acceptable if murder of Palestinians by Israel also happens. This is a wrong reasoning, but it is the same as one can often here in the Israeli streets: They (the Palestinians) murder us, so we are allowed to murder them. This is a vicious circle of murderers revenging previous murders. It has put the IDF on the level of Hamas. It is morally wrong and practically a disaster. Now you feel that I?m lecturing you. You start about my countrymen working well with the Nazis. That is a typical remark of someone out of arguments. The nazi history of my country has nothing to do with our discussion about treatment of the Palestinians. You are trying to slander me, to make me look bad by implicitly comparing me with Nazis. This, my friend, really pisses me of! How dare you suggest that I have anything to do with nazi sympathies! Do you know how insulting this is? Please, there must be better arguments to defend the illegal occupation of the Westbank, Gaza, Ramat haGolan and East-Jerusalem. Use them and stop your sick slanderous suggestions! You suggest that as someone from a country that had many colonies, I shouldn?t lecture you on human rights and correctly treating the occupied/colonized. Well, as a matter of fact, exactly today the Dutch minister of foreign affairs is in Jakarta apologizing for the Dutch colonial oppression of the Indonesians and for resisting the freedom aspirations of the Indonesians from 1945 until 1949. If I should be silent because of what happened 40 years before I was born, you, as an Israeli (which I presume you are), also shouldn?t open your mouth to much on the issue, since so many present day and recent crimes were committed by the Israeli government. But no, you should talk and I also must talk. In stead of trying to silence each other because we disagree, we should talk even more, constantly try to find common ground. Ok? So let?s do strain our necks and try to find agreement.

    from the article: Misuse of the army
    First published 00:00 16.08.05 | Last updated 00:00 16.08.05
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