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    • Dutch
    • 28.08.06 | 19:11 (IDT)

    Jane, You are the one who is disgraceful and pitiful not Akiva. Refusing to open your eyes to the truth and buying Israel's and Bush's bogus war on terror to promote their criminal aggression against people seekintg their lawful rights. Shame on you. Please don't go on deceiving yourself--read Bob Deans telling it like it is. Dutch "what the US is losing, is simply ,THE WAR , the war it launched on Afghanistan and Iraq for the sole reason ovf becoming Israel's poodle. "There was no "terrorism "in the Middle East and there were no "terrorists" in the Middle East that the US was coming to save the world from. The sooner American people understand this fact, the better chances of saving their country,and their loved ones(who are being sent all over the world to fight for a non-existing cause.) ...not to mention our countries , and people in the Middle East. According to the Webster's New World Dictionary, the definition of he word terrorism is as follows: terrorism (iz'm)n. 1.the use of force and violence to intimidate, subjugate, etc., esp. as a political policy 2. the intimidation produced in this way ? ter?ror?ist n.,adj ? ter?ror?is?tic adj. If I am not mistaken , Isn't the US with its lord and master Israel, that is using force and violence to intimidate and subjugate the people of Palestine, Afghan-istan and Iraq???? Isn't the US which is occupying and /or financing theoccupation of those countries?? No body saw Afghanis, Iqaris , or Palestinians launch a war against the United States !!! It is shameful that writers and reporters should be parrot -ing the favoriite media phrase "growing terror" in the Middle East. Instead of facing reality, that what is growingin the Middle East is A LEGITIMATE PATRIOTIC MOVEMNENT OF SELF DEFENSE against the terrorism of greed and violent occupiers and colonizers. By who's definition do the occupied people resisting occupation become "terrorists" while the occupier retains the title of liberator???" Shame on any journalist who uses the word "terror" to describe to describe a people in defense of THEIR own homeland while the real terror in this this world,is emating directly from the United States and the "poor little victim-state " Israel'. (http://www.contracostatimes.com/mld/cctimes/news/nation/14928128.htm)

    from the article: From failure in Iraq to defeat in Gaza
    First published 00:00 28.08.06 | Last updated 00:00 28.08.06
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