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    • Sara Ann
    • 10.11.05 | 16:44 (IST)

    You are talking about Europe like it should be a United States of Europe. That's wrong. Europe consists of different countries, different cultures, different governments, and the unemployment rate is different from country to country. What happens in Paris right now has nothing to do with Netherland, Belgium, Spain, Scandinavien, etc.. This is a typical french situation, even if other european countries watch this closely, and if necessary, want to help France. France is not entire Europe, just a part. You can't compare United States with EU's GDP or unemployment. Some countries are richer than other countries, and countries deals with the immigration problems in different ways. Europe has not a huge demographic problem, and since most countries have secular population, how can muslims over here islamize secular modern europeans? They are a minor group. USA have far more immigrants than Europe have, and more multiculturel all together. East-European countries are still struggling from the time under Soviet, but they will do fine after a while. No need to be pessimistic. If many israelis could get rid of the paranoia and the hostile attitude against Europe, they could have a good alliance with them too. As far as i know, there are already cooperation and friendship with many european countries, but i see red, when you call EU - Eurabia. Some has been so mean to kick back by saying USrael. Do you like that word? Well, it's not a word i like to use, since i have relatives closely tied to Israel and relatives in USA. To trust Bush is either stubborness or naivity. If more scandals shows up now, he can be impeached, and he has 3 more years left to rule USA. Will he make the period? Noone know. But what most people in the world know, and what americans know is that the Bush-regime means unsafety, lies and scandals. His support from the americans has now fallen down to 38%. But even if USA is in troubble, the europeans are still their allied, not their enemies.

    from the article: Don't count on America
    First published 00:00 10.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 10.11.05
Haaretz Headlines
Patrick Leahy - AP - 16.5.2012

U.S. is closely tracking allegations of Israeli human rights violations, State Dept. tells Leahy

Statement comes in response to letter from Senator Patrick Leahy and 10 other Democrats asking for reassessment of military aid due to alleged 'gross violations of human rights.'

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone leaves after appearing on the LBC radio station in London
Despite furor over 'Zionist Hitler' comment, Livingstone denies responsibility for Labour's election results

Former London mayor, who said last week that Hitler had supported Zionism, accuses right-wing parliamentarians of stoking anti-Semitism to harm party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Dilek Dundar, journalist Can Dundar's wife, and his lawyer, 2nd left, overpower a gunman
After assassination attempt, Turkish journalist sentenced for revealing state secrets

Can Dundar, editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet, and Erdem Gul, the newspaper's Ankara bureau chief, have been sentenced to at least five years jailtime.

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Chocolate-caramel mousse with meringue puffs. Long preparations.
Shabbat meals go upscale in book penned by high priestess of kosher cuisine

Efrat Libfroind’s new book of recipes for the Sabbath tries to take hot plate reheating into account and make preparation simple. Does it pass the kitchen test?

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