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    • Joe
    • 04.08.10 | 12:25 (IDT)

    It's all related. Some people believe that Palestinians don't deserve state until they stop teaching kids in school how to kill Israelis. That is a strong argument against Palestinian statehood, however, that is not the whole picture. Some people believe that there should be two states, one Israel, and the other Palestine. However, that too misses the whole picture. I believe that there are many peace loving Palestinians, however that too misses the whole picture. Here is the whole picture – there are many peace loving Palestinians (PP) in Gaza and there are many terrorists Palestinians (TP) in Gaza. Therefore, I propose a three state solution. Three is better than two. There should be a line drawn in Gaza in the middle, and the North part of Gaza would become PP state and the south part would become TP state. All Gazans would move to the right area, perhaps move paid for by UN or even by Israel. If there are more TP people, we move the line to the south; if there are more PP people, we move the line to the north. Think S. and N. Korea concept. Then, we could be sure that no rockets would be coming from the PP state, and Turkey and Sweden would be encouraged to support the PP state. On the other hand, The TP government's first act would be to sign arms deal with Iran. Let's analyze that situation. The distance from Gaza to a major city in Israel is about 20 miles. The rockets that Iran has today can reach any Israeli city from Gaza in less than a minute. Scenario similar to this happened in 1962, except where the distance is 100 miles from Havana to US swamps, it is only 20 miles from Gaza to major Israeli city. This scenario caused a US president to declare a blockade on Cuba, and mind you, between the sensible Cubans and Hamas, well ... you will be the judge. So after the TP state signs arms treaty with Iran, Israel will blockade TP and everyone will understand why. Okay, not everyone. Everyone except white supremacists, terrorists, and mentally challenged. Right now because PP and TP are mixed, the situation is confusing. So, I would urge the UN to start working on this 3-state solution, and trust me, it will work perfectly well. Trust me...

    from the article: Israel blames U.S., France for arming Lebanon
    First published 02:16 04.08.10 | Last updated 02:16 04.08.10
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