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Lee Zeldin

'Iran is playing our president like a string quartet'

The brief career of Lee Zeldin, the only Republican Jew in Congress, so far ranges from focus on Middle East policy to private helicopter pads in the Hamptons.

Sheldon Adelson

Why Adelson's anti-BDS summit will fail

To fight BDS, Jewish Americans must articulate an alternative vision for Israel's future that progressive students can get behind.

Lebanese supporters of Shi'ite Hezbollah movement gather in the southern town of Nabatiyeh

Hezbollah's role in Syria war is bad for Israel

Hezbollah claims its participation in Syrian civil war is needed to secure eastern Lebanon, since the Lebanese military is 'not capable' of defending borders.

Sepp Blatter quits as FIFA president (Reuters)

FIFA's real problem: The rotten nature of sports

It was never Sepp Blatter - the corruption of modern team sports is inevitable, given the collision between big money and a massive fan base for whom money means nothing.