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    • Labhras
    • 31.01.10 | 17:14 (IST)

    one side of the story. Israel was invited ---and disrepectfully declined. Tough tooties. ?"The IDF?s emphasis on compliance with the Law of Armed Conflict was also directly incorporated into the rules of engagement for the Gaza Operation. The operational order for the Operation in Gaza specifically stated that ?[a]ll IDF activities are subject to the principles and rules of international law.? These rules and principles were further detailed in the order, which emphasised four guiding principles that applied in an integrated and cumulative manner: military necessity, distinction, proportionality and humanity: 1,Military Necessity: ?An attack shall be permitted as long as it is necessary to achieve a military purpose in the course of the military campaign,? subject to the other principles and rules set forth. Israel failed this basic principle when Women carrying white flags were shot. 2,Distinction: ?Strikes shall be directed against military objectives and combatants only. It is absolutely prohibited to intentionally strike civilians or civilian objects (in contrast to incidental proportional harm).? Israel failed again when it attacked and bombed two hundred Police recruits. 3, Proportionality: ?A legitimate military objective may be attacked even if the strike would cause incidental harm to civilians or civilian objectives, provided that the expected harm to civilians or civilian objects, or a combination thereof, would not be excessive in relation to the military advantage anticipated.? Israel again failed when it murdered 21(or was it 26) members of the same family who they(IDF) had herded into a house and bombed it to hell.They must have known those people were there.The Goldstone report concluded that no miliatry advantage was gained through this act of pure barbarism. 4, Humanity: ?When legitimate military target is attacked, superfluous suffering to enemy combatants shall be avoided. In this context, only legal weapons, which were approved by the relevant authorities within the IDF, shall be employed.? In this case illegal weapons --IE White Phospherous was used in ammounts and in areas that are far and away from excusable. Funny thing is that it will be Israel,s own Rules of Engagement that will hang them.

    from the article: Netanyahu leaning toward probe into alleged Gaza war crimes
    First published 01:43 31.01.10 | Last updated 16:59 31.01.10
Haaretz Headlines
Palestinian Hamas militants march in front of a mock burnt Israeli bus during an anti-Israel rally
Tensions in Gaza are rising as Israel gains edge over Hamas tunnels

Hamas is under pressure twice over, from both the worsening domestic situation in the Strip and the militant organization potentially losing its main threat against Israel.

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Obama meets with Netanyahu in the Oval office of the White House, Washington D.C., November 9, 2015.
New U.S.-Israel military aid deal stalled over size and scope of new package

Israel wants guaranteed funding for missile defense projects, while U.S. wants to phase out authorization for Israel to buy Israeli-made weapons and supplies with American security aid.

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U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop in Indiana
Trump: Israeli settlement construction in West Bank should 'keep going'

In an interview with Britain's Daily Mail, Trump positions himself more firmly than ever as a Netanyahu political ally.

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Women's protest in Jerusalem - Michal Fattal - December 23 2011
Controversy rages over Orthodox edict against female singers at memorial ceremonies

Women increasingly told they cannot sing at public events in order not to insult religious sensibilities.

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