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    • Dutch
    • 21.11.05 | 18:32 (IST)

    Ezreal-- The only body that is running out of time today is your Zionist organization which will be no longer tolerated by fair minded people around the world today -- and that's a given. Yes, the UN has many faults and it can and should do better. Still, the UN doesn't have an army it has to deal with many unruly nations like your own in its midst either. But who are you to criticize the UN? Just look at Israel's own appalling record of human affairs your government has towards the Palestinian people in during the last four year. During the last four years of this conflict the Israeli Army has murdered over 3,000 Palestinians with over 1,700 of these victims being innocent civilians (654 were just children); and injured in the excess of 30,000 Palestinians with their reckless and shameful use of firearms; shells and rubber bullets. According to Israeli Homes against the Israeli Army demolished over 5,000 homes and left 60,000 people or more homeless or displaced: and I have lost track of the number of defenseless Palestinian farmers who were forced off their land at gunpoint and into more crowded Refugee camps your government's had already created from previous injustices. The farmers were forced off their land to accommodate your illegal settlements and illegally placed barrier. Indeed, the Israelis Army has destroyed between 2-3 billion dollars worth of Palestinian infrastructure and security service and then demands that they fight terror. That's beyond laughter. In addition, your government's stringent restrictions on travel and work permits have sent a once thriving Palestinian economy into absolute despair and into a third world status with over half the population living below poverty and relying on food aid to get by. Shame on you! According to the latest un figures 237,000 people are trapped on the Green Line side of the barrier and another 167, 000 are stranded on the Palestinian side. Many are experiencing great hardships getting to their jobs and fields; and merchants are finding it near impossible to trade their goods and children to reach their schools , etc. Last October, Dr. Derek Summerfield writng in the British Medical Journal said the coherence of the Palestinian health sysstem is being destroyed by the barrier : "The wall will isolate 97 primary health clinics and 11 hospitals from the population they serve. Qalqilya Hospital which primarily serves refugees , has seen a 40% fall in follow appointments becuse people cannot enter the city. There have been at least 87 documented cases(including 30 children)in which denial of access to medical treatment has led directly to deaths, including those of babies born while women were held up at checkpoints". Today, there are over 8,000 Palestinian men are behind bar--many whose crime is standing up for what is lawful and just rights which your government denies them. And while your government keeps Palestinians "with blood on their hands" behind bars--Israelis "with blood on their hands " are walking about scot free. What an injustice. Still, I find it very disturbing how you can be so ungrateful to criticize the UN body that created your nation with its goodwill and now you turn around and disregard its laws too. I think this speaks volumes for Israel's arrogance and place in the world. Dutch

    from the article: A still-stained UN
    First published 00:00 21.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 21.11.05
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