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    • zionist forever
    • 14.11.12 | 18:18 (IST)

    In 1917 the Balfour Declaration proposed a Jewish HOMELAND not a Jewish STATE, it was going to effectively be a binational state with a very small Jewish minority, Faisal of Mecca for a time thought it was a good idea because he believed the zionists could help arab peasant farmers. The Jews loved the idea of this binational state with a Jewish minority but the arabs didn't, Fast forward to the late 20s early 30s when violence between Jews started heating up did the zionists change their demands fro the Jewish homeland to nothing less than a Jewish state. In 1947 the UN offers partition gives the arabs 45% of Palestine + Jaffa and the rest becomes the Jewish state and nobody got Jerusalem. The arabs living in the Jewish state would be made citizens of Israel and the Jews in the arab state would be made citizens of that. Sadly for them the arabs rejected and we had a war in which around 600,000 arabs left most never seeing a Jewish soldier they left because at the time it was custom to leave villages during wartime and they were never allowed back and Israel was left with 78% of Palestine when the ceacefire was declared in 1949. Israel flourished the arabs got zilch and the land that would have been given to them had they accepted ended up being divided between Israel, Jordan and Egypt. In the 80s the Israeli government planned to replace the Gaza refugee camps with modern arab settlements. Israeli government would pay for the infrastructure of these settlements and subsidise the cost of individuals building their own homes and in exchange individuals who accepted the idea would let Israel demolish their home in the refugee camp with the idea being more of the camp thats demolished the more arab settlements we can build. The PLO threatened to kill any arab who accepted the offer and those who had accepted the UN condemned and demanded Israel rebuild their home in the camp and send them back there so the program ended. Then we had oslo which aimed to create a palestiinan state within 5 years but that was 20 years ago. Problem then was the same as it is today and thats the arabs think negotiation means they give Israel a list of demands which Israel accepts in full or there is no deal, they haven't caught onto the idea Israel has its own demands and unless BOTH sides make concessions not just one to reach a deal neither side likes but both can tolerate then it will continue to be a stalemate and the palestinians will continue to moan about how bad their lot is and thats all that will happen. What they need to learn to do is NEGOTIATE, arabs are supposed to love haggling and then they will reach a deal but until then we will just play the blame game.

    from the article: Thousands of Palestinians protest to mark 'Independence Day'
    First published 12:18 14.11.12 | Last updated 12:18 14.11.12
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