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    • Tim R
    • 16.02.10 | 12:34 (IST)

    "Unlike the Arabs in 1948 who ethnically cleansed East Jerusalem of Jews, Israel did NOT ethnically cleanse Arabs from East Jlem after 1967. Arabs are still allowed to live there."(Tim R) "That`s a fact, I agree with you. Just don`t say "the Arabs", say "the Jordanians"(Zeev) OK, let's be precise, Zeev, Jordanians together with Palestinian Arab irregular forces did the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem's Jews in 1948 "Can we consider this issue closed?"(Zeev) Only if you won't repeat your assertion that the settlements are the main cause for the stalemate in the peace negotiations. "What the Arabs are objecting to what, even regarding East Jlem, is of no weight at all to me and to my like-minded friends"(Zeev) Then please stop repeating their propaganda about so called international law. Call it what it is: Power politics involving the arab/Muslim voting bloc in the UN and the politics of intimidation, blackmail and oil... "Debating whether the entire world`s position is baseless or not, morally right or wrong, is childish and wasting time, unless you can think of some practical way for Israel to change it - before it is too late. Can you?"(Zeev) OK, at long last, you have come up with a fair argument. No, Israel and we cannot change world opinion overnight. But at least we can try by advancing our own case as best as we can. That's what successive Israeli governments have been doing with mixed degrees of success. As for the rest of us, all we can do is help wherever we can instead of rolling over, playing dead and parrot the propaganda of our enemies as if we were afflicted by Stockholm syndrome.... I actually do believe that Israel has the chance to present it's case effectively because NOT everyone out there is corrupt and biased. There is a silent majority that tends to formulate it's own opinion, slowly but surely. And in the longer term, it will be THEIR opinions that will count, not that of the idle chattering class. "Think Serbia and South Africa. We don`t want Israel to be, one day, added to the list, do we?"(Zeev) That's back to your BS Zeev. I have already answered this assertion of yours, I won't waste my time answering it again ....

    from the article: Fear of peace will be the death of Israel
    First published 12:48 03.02.10 | Last updated 12:48 03.02.10
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