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    • 14.12.07 | 00:25 (IST)

    Jacob All I have to say is this:Not having saved the response I'll just put what is relevant only. 1)Although a secular Jew,I am a fervent Zionist & equally a patriotic one. 2)Let me remind you that Judaism=Zionism. Open the Holy Bible,it is mentioned hundreds of times. 3)About the so-called settlers you met:Which were they? Methinks you must have met some of the odd ones,who are few and far between.,and rather fundamental. In any case Israel is their country and never belonged to Arabs.A bit further reading on your part will enhance your knowledge to reach a correct conclusion. And I am not going to give you a history lesson here. 4).The settlers (so-called) who lived in Gush Katif for 40 years with the encouragement of consecutive Govts? made the desert bloom,built the infrastructures and employed many Arabs who worked side by side with the settlers. Earned a good living without any problems throughout this time.Then up comes Sharon who decided to uproot them after so many decades.And it was a heart rending experience for them and still they and children are traumatized. Not only were they good for Israel proper acting as buffer against terrorists they also helped the Palestinians. 5) Once we relinquished Gaza leaving behind all the infrastructures plus the ?hot houses? donated by a good Jew,what did the pals do? 6) Instead of taking advantage of everything and enjoy the benefits, they turned it into a launching pad for their kassams which they use to this day. 7) Now if you think this sort of mentality does not prove to you a stupidity,then what is I would dearly like to know! 8) Incidently the Govt promised to settle all the families and after 4 years they are still living in limbo.Some have accommodation,but many are still living in hotels many divorces occurred,and families were split. 9)I can assure you were it not for fear,those Pals who worked with them would like nothing better than be in that atmosphere with some prosperity and peace of mind once again. 10)Then Haniyeh/Hamas got elected and no benefit is accrued in any way. 11) Did you know that Hamas are the followers of ?The Muslim Brotherhood?which Egypt has to deal with and are hell bent on just the destruction of Israel. 12) Tell me Jacob,have you read the Hamas Charter? If not I suggest you take a look,it would open your eyes somewhat? Here ends my story and enough is enough?

    from the article: Civil Administration chief: Hundreds of units approved in disputed areas
    First published 00:00 12.12.07 | Last updated 00:00 12.12.07
Haaretz Headlines
Kako Yamena with her mother Yordanes, in an Israeli hospital after Kako was stabbed in 2014.
Eritrean carer of stabbed baby girl summoned to Holot detention center

The asylum seeker, 36, cared for Kako Yamena after she was stabbed by an Israeli man in Tel Aviv, in 2014.

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Israeli soldiers in Gaza during operation protective edge, 2014.
Rehab village sees wave of former Israeli soldiers seeking treatment after 2014 Gaza war

IDF operations have led to 'waves' of Israelis suffering from a psychotic episode or other mental health crises to seek care at Kfar Izun holistic treatment village, says founder and former officer Omri Frish.

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The Sde Brir phosphate mine, near Arad.
Israeli desert town mounts court fight to protect air quality

Arad goes to High Court of Justice to try to block new phosphate mine.

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A rabbinical court in Jerusalem.
Suit claims gender discrimination in Israeli rabbinical courts’ tender

New tender says it is intended for both men and women – but requires applicants to already work for the rabbinical court, effectively disqualifying female candidates.

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