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    • Yael
    • 05.09.05 | 03:39 (IDT)

    Ein Davar, From your post I gather you are sort of a in between diluted Jew. My question to you is why go sufi when you can take up the real Jewish spitirual learnings through Kabbalah why go for hidden messages in the koran the fake book of the fake prophet? I wonder if you know this fact I also get the sense youre a liberated lefty where you can judge a rabbi I judge them too and disagree with some of the things they say but I have the liberty to write them my argument and giving them the kavod to respond and explain. but it seems you classify them as good and bad ok then you are a lefty who scorns all who are conservative now did you ever wonder who exactly are these people still on the Left? They are people who insist that Israel continue to pursue the failed Oslo "strategy" --as if the past ten years of failure never took place. Beilin's Geneva Misunderstandings are perhaps the best illustration. endless Israeli concession, appeasement, and capitulation to Arab demands with absolutely no quid pro quo.The official canon being promulgated by Israel's Left today is increasingly one of treason. A growing number of Israeli Leftists promote a one-state or bi-national solution, according to which Israel would cease to exist as a Jewish state. It would be entirely enfolded into a Palestinian state stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan with the Arabs the majority and the Jews a minority, tolerated at best like the other non-Arab or non-Muslim minorities in the Arab world. Israeli Leftists are increasingly recruiting themselves to serve the very worst anti-Semites of the planet. There are today Israeli leftist professors promoting the views of Holocaust deniers. Scores of Israeli professors endorse the boycotts being organized by overseas anti-Semites directed against Israel, including even boycotts of the Israeli institutions that pay them their salaries. Israeli leftists are regulars on Islamist fundamentalist websites and are the universal legitimizers of the very worst haters of Jews throughout the world. There exists today a true axis of evil which links Jewish leftism with Islamo fascism.Israel's Left has always been fundamentally anti-democratic, opposing the right of free expression for non-leftists, demanding that non-leftists be prosecuted as "inciters." Israeli leftists have long held themselves as being above the law, with no need to submit to the will of the majority, because their motives are so nice and pure. Leftists (and Arab fascists) feel they should be able to call openly for violence with impunity. By contrast, too many of today's Israeli leftists do not need awakening because they have no delusions that negotiations will produce peace; they support Oslo-style surrender precisely because they know it will not lead to peace. Too many Israeli leftists and their overseas apologists will do anything in their power to undermine the will of the electorate in Israel. They will undermine any government Israeli voters select. They have no scruples when it comes to collaboration with the worst anti-Semites on the planet. Yael

    from the article: From dust to dust
    First published 00:00 04.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 04.09.05
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