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    • Tim R
    • 11.02.10 | 08:16 (IST)

    "If the Palestinian Arabs would REALLY be interested in peace, they would be willing to recognize Israel as the state for the Jewish people/nation" (Tim R) "Absurd. We successfully negotiated peace treaties with two of our neighbour states without even thinking about extracting from them such a definition of country"(Zeev) Really? So after 62 years of fighting a war against the Jewish people because they returned to their ancestral homeland and re-established their Jewish state (a NON Arab state), it is too much to ask them, for the sake of peace, to ACCEPT such a state at long last? Why exactly is it so difficult for them to accept a Jewish state? Could it be that they still aim to destroy it and that's why they don't want to accept the Jewish state? By the way, what Israel expected or did NOT expect from Egypt and Jordan is entirely irrelevant. What we are talking about is Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, please stick to the topic Zeev. Furthermore, I also mentioned two other impediments to peace: 1. The Palestinian Arab demand of the so called right of return ... 2. The Palestinian Arab refusal to accept the idea of land offsets in exchange for Israel keeping the large settlement blocs. You did not address those impediments to peace Zeev. Why do you think Abbas has NOT been willing to compromise on the above demands? Don't you think that his refusal to compromise on those issues is the reason there is no peace today, Zeev? "Hamas and our own religious fanatics are not interested in such negotiations.."(Zeev) More propaganda from you Zeev. You are trying to equate Hamas with our "religious fanatics" but there is no comparison ... - Firstly because "our religious fanatics" don't have a policy to go around blowing up Palestinian women and children. Unlike Hamas who openly declare their right to attack Israeli civilians. - "Our religious fanatics" don't go around declaring that Jenin, Nablus and other Palestinian towns have no right to exist. Hamas on the other hand does NOT accept that ANY Jewish towns have a right to exist. - When push comes to shove, "our religious fanatics" are NOT the final arbiters of what happens. When an Israeli government decides to do something, like when they decided to uproot the Gaza settlers, it happens and "our religious fanatics" cannot stop it. Hamas on the other hand clearly can and DOES STOP peace ... ALL THE TIME! Last, but not least, don't fret about the demographic problem Zeev because Israel will never make, nor is it obliged to make, a foreign people who have been a historic enemy into citizens. The final outcome will be (whenever it comes about) is the two state solution. Will it happen sooner? Will it happen later? Who knows ... it is up to the Palestinian Arabs. It will happen when they will decide that the future of their children is more important to them than the destruction of the ONLY Jewish nation in the Middle East ....

    from the article: Fear of peace will be the death of Israel
    First published 12:48 03.02.10 | Last updated 12:48 03.02.10
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