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    • * BEN JABO
    • 20.11.07 | 01:53 (IST)

    At times I think that older women are in mini-vans are the worst offenders--We go to a particular restaurant, we were there today, some broad in a minivan didn't stop at the stop sign, If I didn't honk, she would have rammed us--Best part (same parking lot) I had a young girl that took the corner on two wheels, when I honked she gave me the finger--One day, I will tell you what the finger actually means--It is not profane, though most people think it is-- The .45 is a semi-automatic, similar to what the U.S. Army used until the 1980's--The cowboy .45 is a revolver, construction is entirely different as are the cartridges and bullets--Guns are something I got used to years ago--I carry them as I do my wallet--The .22 is either put in my left rear pocket (my wallet is the right rear), the .45, .380 or 9MM are in a shoulder holster--Let's say they are as essential to me as a bra is to a female--I have not used a REVOLVER in years, too bulky to be comfortable--If you will look at any cop, most are carrying semi-auto pistols--Only the OLD cops carry revolvers--Basic advantage is the semi-auto is very fast to reload, revolvers take more time---If I am carrying the 9mm, which holds 14 plus one in the chamber, I should not have to reload--If 14+1 are not enough, I will throw the damn thing at him or use it for a hammer and beat him to death with it--Dirty Harry's gun won't blow the head off, just make a horrible mess of it--A .357 MAGNUM (sounds like champagne) is an updated version of the old .38 special, it came into use sometime in the 1930?s?Same cartridge with a longer case and more powder?I have one of those also, in stainless steel?I never carry it, it is just too bulky and heavier that my 9mm?My 9mm, as I said carries 14-1, the .357 only holds six?I prefer my .45 auto, it makes a bigger hole?The .45 auto came into use in the Philippines?The American army at the time was using .38 revolvers?Moro warriors were hit and didn?t go down?They were on drugs, I believe it was a locally grown narcotic weed that they chewed on?So, the Army took old .45 revolvers (like in the cowboy movies) out of storage and issued them to the troops?The .45 could do what the .38 could not?Next step, the Army gave Browning the contract to manufacture the ..45?There were other manufacturers out there, Browning had the best design? The .45 remained in service through most of the 20th century?It?s still very popular?Oddly enough, it was replaced by Beretta 9mm, because the Beretta was double action and faster to handle?That?s enough about guns, I am getting shell shocked?30 30 30

    from the article: Gazans: Palestinians detained by IDF return naked
    First published 00:00 12.11.07 | Last updated 00:00 12.11.07
Haaretz Headlines
A light trail made by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, August 21, 2014.

Israel strikes Hamas targets in response to rockets

Two rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israel on Sunday, one hitting an open area in southern Israel and the other exploding inside the Strip.

An Israeli police officer fires tear gas during clashes with Palestinian stone-throwers

Has the third intifada begun?

When the lulls between terror attacks are barely noticeable, we may have to recognize a new reality.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, October 2, 2015.

Abbas, weakened by Israel, isn't to blame for attacks

The way in which Israel makes Abbas a laughing stock, in the eyes of the Palestinians, weakens his arguments against using weapons even more.

Jon Bon Jovi during his band's Hayarkon Park gig, October 3, 2015

Wall-to-wall anthems and a perfect smile

An ecstatic crowd of 54,000, mostly women, worshipped at the rock altar of Jon Bon Jovi and his merry men on Saturday night.