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    • Max Zinger
    • 12.11.05 | 12:10 (IST)

    Ther is a very thin and fine line between naivity, stupidity and blind dislike of Jews. So Peretz won against Peres by 42 per cent vs 40 percent margin. Yet both Franzen (lets call him Franzi to reflect the size of his gray matter between his ears) So Amir Peretz , as PM will invite, Abbas to his office and negotitae. He will get as far as Rabin, Ehud Barak, Natanyahu and Sharon. No sooner that Amir will start the negotiation on Jerusalem will Mahmoud Abbas or however disposes of him from among the Palestinian political elites and terror groups will ask for: 1) to raise the falg of PA over Jerusalem . Abbas stated that already yesterday during ceremonies marking Arafats deads anniversary And Amir will tell him (them) take a hike body. Abas will live , start whinning and just watch from his seat on a fence , How his terrorist copatriot start blowing themself up at crossings bbetween gaz and Israel and the crossings at the completed security fence. 2 Assume for a moment that Amir Paretz agrees in principal to move the security fence to the last centimiter on the Green Line. Than Mahmoud Abbas or whovere is on the top seat at PA will sya: and now we want the scred right of return to be implemented immediately. Amir will tell him/them Take A Hike Bodies. We are not committing suicide. Then the PA and their "foot soldiers" will start again blowing themself up at crossings in the Gaza Fence and West Bank security fence. If Franzi or Yankele Sulivan can't see it now they will have to do some argumental gymnastics then to explain the hallucinations of Palestinina Leadership. To Franzi a word of advise: Start building a security fence around Sweden and Stokholm in Particular. Swedish security organizations just issued a warning that islamic extremists are planning terror attack in Sweden. One may ask why would islamofascists want tot attack Sweden. BECAUSE SWEDEN IS CRISTIAN AND HENCE INFIDEL. NOTHING TO DO WITH ISRAEL OR JEWS, AND BECAUSE IT IS AN EASY UNPROTECTED TARGET (There are very few Jews in Sweden since for centuries Swedish Kings barred Jews from settling there., in true spirit of Lutheran Faith and Luthers antiemitism which exceeded even the Vaticans hatred against Jews. There is a fine line between naivity and stupidity. Franzi nad Sullivan will discover it, albait slowly and too late

    from the article: Analysis / Fold up the road map
    First published 00:00 11.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 11.11.05
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