A youth from the north was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of making online purchases to the tune of a few thousand shekels using credit-card information exposed on the Internet last week by a Saudi computer hacker.

According to police, an 18-year-old from a moshav near Tiberias, allegedly used four different credit card numbers to order a home cinema system, a Samsung Galaxy 2 cellular telephone and a tablet computer.

In an operation conducted jointly with Leumi Card's security department, an officer from the Israel Police's Northern District Fraud Division posed as a delivery man bringing the youth the items he had ordered. When the latter accepted delivery, he was arrested and taken for questioning. He is to be brought before the Nazareth Magistrate's Court on Monday for a remand hearing.

Northern District Fraud Division commander Superintendent Jihad Oueida said a complaint had been filed by Leumi Card after its security department had flagged down the orders coming in from several different card numbers that it knew had been exposed. According to Oueida, the youth has no criminal record "and comes from a totally normal family."

Last week, a Saudi hacker succeeded in penetrating the One sports website and obtained, he claimed, personal details of several hundred thousand Israelis, along with, in some cases, their credit card numbers, and published them on the Internet for all to see.

Upon investigation, however, the credit card companies said that the files released by the hacker had contained the same information repeated several times. According to Isracard, only 14,000 numbers of active credit cards were exposed, and the companies succeeded in blocking them fairly quickly.

This past Thursday, 569 more credit card numbers, along with e-mail addresses and various passwords, were published online by a different hacker going by the nickname SRV.