NEW YORK - Na'ama Al-Nahari, a woman of Yemenite origin, and five of her 12 children were smuggled out of the ultra-Orthodox township of Monsey, N.Y., on Tuesday and flown to Israel on El Al, in a Jewish Agency covert operation that had been in the works for a few months.

According to the plan, a larger number of Yemenites living in Monsey were to be smuggled to Israel, but Satmar Hasidim in the township discovered the preparations and prevented their departure.

On Tuesday morning, Al-Nahari's five children were dressed in their school uniforms to mislead the neighbors. Early in the morning the family's belongings were put on a truck, and the mother and children were taken to the Israeli consulate in New York where they received visas to Israel. In the afternoon, the mother and children were taken to the airport and put on a flight to Israel.

Some 70 Yemenites who were brought from Yemen to New York by Satmar Hasidim a few years ago are believed to be living in Monsey, but the ultra-Orthodox community refuses to provide any information about them and their condition.

The Jewish Agency discovered that a few Yemenite families wanted to leave Monsey and immigrate to Israel, but an attempt to smuggle out a few families three months ago was foiled after the hasidim learned of the plan. A Jewish Agency source said efforts to bring the Yemenites to Israel will continue.