Adolf Hitler's hatred of Jews stemmed from his belief that they "stole" victory from the country in the First World War, according to a newly published book titled "November 9: How World War One Led to the Holocaust."

"The core of his hatred lies at the defeat of Germany in WWI," the book's author Joachim Riecker told the Daily Telegraph, "where Hitler blamed the Jews for defeat of the country, the collapse of the monarchy and the ruination of millions."

"Hitler saw the state 'poisoned' from within. Hitler lived in Munich, where Jews played a leading role in the revolution against the monarchy on Nov. 9, 1918. So suddenly the delusion came to his mind, that the Jews where the reason for the 'inner poisoning' of Germany and that they had stolen the victory from Germany," Riecker told the British paper.

Riecker discounts previous claims that Hitler began hating the Jews after a Jewish doctor, Eduard Bloch, unsuccessfully treated his mother Klara who was stricken with breast cancer and died from the disease in 1907.