The government has offered settlers slated for evacuation in the northern West Bank an additional grant of $30,000 in compensation if they will voluntarily leave their homes and move to the Afula area of northern Israel before the official onset date of the disengagement on July 20, an official of one of the settlements said Tuesday.

But the official, Eliezer Goldman of Ganim settlement, said that for some families the total compensation will not be enough to allow them to move.

The offer apparently applies to both Ganim and Kadim settlements, but Goldman said he could speak only for Ganim.

"The $30,000 is on condition that [the recipient] moves and buys a house in the periphery, in the area near the Seam Line [Israel's pre-1967 border with the West Bank], meaning the Afula area and the surroundings," Goldman told Army Radio.

He said the concept of voluntary relocation is "generally acceptable" to the residents of his settlement.

However, he added, "the basis of the compensation is very low, between $64,000 to about $130,000-$140,000, according to the size of the home. They're 'laughing at the poor.'"

"There are some families who will have nothing to lose, their [financial] situation will not allow them to move out of the settlement under these circumstances," Goldman said.

A situation could be created in which people have "nothing to lose," Goldman continued. "With sums like this, people have nowhere to go. Think about a house for around $100,000 - $120,000. You're not going to find anything for that amount. It's very difficult to move from a small villa [single-family dwelling] with a half-dunam [eighth of an acre] of land, and to squeeze into some house in I don't know what neighborhood."