Who tore off the labels with the country of manufacture from the shirts ordered by Ofer Eini's campaign for the Histadrut chairmanship? And who replaced them with labels saying "Made in Israel?" These questions have caused an uproar in the Histadrut labor federation election, scheduled for May 22.

As part of Eini's reelection run staffers ordered thousands of T-shirts and hats printed with his slogan "We are all voting for Eini." But the country of origin labels of the hats he passed out at his recent rally at the Tel Aviv fairgrounds said "Made in China" - and the labels of the shirts had been cut out.

The campaign headquarters of Eini rival Eitan Cabel called the whole matter suspicious, and called for an investigation.

Eini campaign officials said they were careful when they ordered the shirts to explicitly require them to be made in Israel. They claimed the supplier tricked them, ordering the items from China and then changing the labels without their knowledge.

According to a source in the local textile industry, hats of the kind ordered by Eini have not been made in Israel for a decade. Eini is considered close to Labor Party chairwoman MK Shelly Yacimovich, who champions giving Israeli-made goods priority over imported goods.