State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss is to issue a report today on civil aviation safety in Israel that is expected to focus on the downgrade to Category 2 of Israel's air safety level by the United States Federal Aviation Administration in December 2008, as well as the safety of ultralight aircraft.

The FAA last week retained Israel's Category 2 ranking. FAA monitors are due to return to Israel next month to observe the progress on correcting the safety faults that led to the 2008 downgrade. Nigeria recently overtook Israel in the FAA ratings to reach Category 1.

Haaretz yesterday obtained a copy of the investigation report for the August 14 accident in which Eli Elazar Moshe, 43, of Azor, and Yitzhak Horn, 53, of Holon, died when their ultralight plane crashed near the kibbutz Kvutzat Shiller on the coastal plain. The report cited human error as the main cause of the accident in "a momentary loss of control at a critical phase of the flight, during the short final [the last section of the final approach], at altitudes and speeds that did not allow for recovery from the stall."

The accident report, which was signed by the chief investigator of the Ministry of Transportation, Yitzhak Raz, noted that the restraint system of the plane that Moshe and Horn were flying, a Zenair ultralight, is not uniform and does not conform to accepted safety standards.

"The possibility that the two pilots lost their lives because of an immediate failure of the restraint system cannot be ruled out," Raz wrote in the report.

Lindenstrauss began examining civilian aviation safety in 2008, in the wake of a report issued the previous year by a public committee headed by Amos Lapidot. It found a number of safety flaws in a wide range of areas of civilian aviation safety.