Israel Defense Forces troops operating in the Gaza Strip this week uncovered a school and an adjacent zoo rigged by Hamas militants with a large amount of explosives.

The school and zoo were entirely surrounded by a fuse connecting to the explosives. Inside the abandoned classrooms, IDF troops found a number of weapons.

Audibly shocked IDF soldiers videotape themselves following the fuse to the explosives, past cages of animals and a room filled with weaponry, and on into the school.

"We are continuing to confront a mad reality of booby-trapped tunnels, booby-trapped schools," IDF spokeswoman Avital Leibovich said. "In one district of 150 houses, more than 30 were booby-trapped. Hamas booby-traps every house that residents leave."

Leibovich said residential neighborhoods in Gaza are riddled with homemade bombs and booby-traps, including mannequins placed at apartment entrances to simulate militants and rigged to explode if soldiers approach.