Want to teach the kids to count in Hebrew? Maya Cohen and Tom Roes, filmmakers from the Netherlands, are here for you. Inspired by a Dutch project by one Jeroen Wolf, during three visits to Israel, they filmed people stating their age, which Maya and Tom usefully compiled in the right order from 0 (stated by the parent) to 100.


The only numbers you won't learn from this video are "one" and two".

That is because the parent of the 1-year old says "shana" (which is actually Hebrew for "one year," not "one"). The Hebrew word for "one" is "ehad" or "ahat" (male and female respectively).

The two-year old child professes herself to be "shnatayim," which means "two years old," not "two" (that would be shnaim or shtaim, male/female).

As they say, "Thanks to all the inhabitants of Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel for helping us!" and give credit where it was due: "We were inspired by a project Jeroen Wolf did in Dutch."