The multinational food and household product giant Unilever has sent a new wholesale food price list to food retailers in Israel advising the supermarket chains that, as of today, prices would be going up on hundreds of items.
The opening shot from Unilever may be a preview of what consumers are likely to face after the holidays on a whole host of items from other manufacturers as well, assuming that the wholesale increases are passed along by retailers.

Unilever had announced three weeks ago that it would be raising prices of itsfood products by an average of 5% to 6%. Industry sources explained the move as something that was made easier by the Agriculture Ministry’s announcement that it anticipated a 17% price rise in the cost of dairy products, eggs and chicken. The cost to the consumer of price-controlled bread has already been raised.

Grain and other food prices have been rising around the world, in part due to drought conditions in major agricultural areas of the world including the United States. In Unilever’s case Blue Band and Mazola margarine, for example, is being raised in price by 6%, Knorr soup mixes by 5% and Telma mayonnaise by 3.5%. The firm is raising the price of Dove deodorant sticks by 15%.